Taleah Donnelly

Business Development Manager

About me

Taleah was born and raised in Werribee and has been involved in the Real Estate Industry for a number of years. Taleah began her Real Estate career as a rental receptionist and quickly progressed to the status of Property Manager.

Taleah has proven to be an asset to the industry and has excelled as a Property Manager. Taleah's exceptional work ethic and comprehensive knowledge of the industry has enabled her to progress yet again from Senior Property Manager to our Department Head and has further progressed to our Business Development Manager.

Taleah is always keen to assist both landlords and tenants in ensuring that her client’s needs are met.

When Taleah is not at work she enjoys playing sport, and socialising with friends and family. Taleah is quite competitive setting herself high standards of achievement in both her professional and personal life.