Watching your property grow in value while the rent flows effortlessly in? What could be more rewarding, and with the right agent, it can happen.

For over 60 years our property managers have taken pride in always putting our rental provider's interests first through absolute care and attention to detail. We believe every investment property, large or small, deserves the time and service to maximise its value in your portfolio. A long-time relationship with a property manager can significantly benefit your investment.

Time is money, and by guaranteeing our property managers have ample time to spend on your property, getting to know it and its nuances, we can ensure your financial return is as good as it gets.

Owning an investment property doesn’t need to be hard work or time consuming – for you. That is what you are paying us to do, take the worry away from you. It is harder to put a price on peace of mind, but it is no less important. With us as the buffer between you and your renter/s, you never need to deal with them yourself and we promise to keep you informed.

Good property management means knowing your needs. We know you are focussed on the bottom line and that even a few weeks of vacancy each year makes a big difference.

We appreciate the worry a bad renter can cause and that unnecessary expenses can hit you hard. Every dollar counts whether you are living off the income or growing equity to invest further. We are the experts in property management. You can trust our advice.

Our detailed policies and procedures are world class and are in place to ensure consistent excellent service. Through our exclusive “Rental Provider Portal”, you can access comprehensive information about your property at all times.

We can also make things easy by emailing you, providing you with a record of communications. Even rent statements can be emailed, for your convenience.

Honesty really is the best policy and we are committed to being open and up-front with rental providers and renters.

“YOUR investment property is more than bricks and mortar. It is your future. We have the experience and drive to keep your investment safe while it works hard securing your future”.