How to increase the appeal of your rental property.


How to increase the appeal of your rental property.

When you decide to rent out your house, investment property or holiday rental, the goal is simple – to secure a good tenant, quickly. But with thousands of competing properties available for rent at any time, the competition is tough.

Luckily, there are a few easy things you can do to increase the appeal of your property and encourage a higher rental return.

To start with, think about who you’re preparing your property for. Young professionals will look for convenience and neutral colours, while families want space, storage and clean carpets. If you think your home would be perfect for fly-in fly-out (FIFO) or shift workers, focus on security, privacy and sun-blocking window furnishings.

With these renters in mind, here are our top tips for boosting rental returns and attracting better tenants.

1. Sparkling appliances

Small repairs completed upfront can save you a lot of money long-term. Go through your property and check that all appliances are sparkling clean and in good working order, repairing and replacing as needed. From stove tops to dishwashers, give them all a good scrub so they’re hygienic and ready to use for new tenants.

2. Fresh blinds & curtains

New window furnishings instantly give your property a facelift, and are a chance to cater to your ideal tenant. If your rental is close to the airport, consider blockout blinds to attract FIFO workers; for an apartment in a trendy suburb chose stylish custom roman blinds; and for a beachside holiday home, wooden shutters will suit the coastal vibe. If you’re not ready to replace and your curtains or blinds are still in great condition, give them a good clean so they’re free of mould and grime.

3. Spotless walls

Grubby walls make a house look unkempt, so wipe all marks and then fill in holes or cracks. A newly painted home is always a winner – not only can the right colour make small rooms look bigger, a fresh coat will make an older home appear well maintained. When choosing a colour stick to light neutrals, but avoid painting the entire house white as this can make it feel stark and uninviting.

 4. Updated kitchen

Everyone knows kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, but they also secure tenants. Before you get started, chat to your real estate agent about the costs, as you may find a few DIY jobs will do the trick. Try adding a coat of paint to the walls and cupboards, then replace the door handles to match. For an extra fresh touch, update the countertops and install a new sink.

5. Bathroom boost

If your bathroom is outdated and grimy, you’ll give potential tenants a reason to walk away. Low cost areas to focus on include fixing leaking taps, updating light fittings, and replacing the shower head. Mould is the biggest turnoff in any bathroom, so consider having the grout professionally cleaned or re-grouted.

6. Neat fixtures

Set yourself up for success by ensuring your renter won’t have any cause to complain about broken fittings or fixtures. From the letterbox to the light switches and every tap, doorknob, fly screen and lock in-between, make sure your fixtures are easy to use and in good condition.

7. Clean carpets

Dirty carpets look and smell bad, and can harbour dust and dirt. Tenants are expected to have carpets professionally cleaned at the end of their lease, so do the same before they move in. If your carpets can’t be saved then we suggest you replace them, as good carpets will make a house feel well kept and homely.

Take the time to think like a tenant, fix any niggling problems, and add a few custom touches based on who your house is best suited to in your marketplace. This way, you’ll set expectations, attract better tenants and boost your returns.