The best kind of paint for kitchen cabinet makeovers


The best kind of paint for kitchen cabinet makeovers

Nothing gives your kitchen an instant affordable makeover better than a brand new coat of paint for your cupboards and cabinetry.

Choosing a finish can be almost as challenging as choosing a colour, however!

Oil-based paints are the most highly recommended as a heavy duty coating to withstand the rigours of daily use in the kitchen, forming a harder shell when dry.

Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints are also recommended for kitchens as they are hard wearing but have low fumes and are less harmful to the environment. Check the instructions on the can as these paints may take longer to dry.

Specialist laminate paints are available for painting over laminated surfaces. This will require you to use a laminate primer first.

In terms of finish, choose a satin finish and steer clear of gloss, which will show up any knocks and marks that already exist, or as appear with daily use after painting.

Change your handles whilst you’re at it – a set of stylish new drawer pulls and knobs will inject a fresh look that’s on-trend and there are hundreds to choose from to suit any budget.

The best kind of paint for kitchen cabinet makeovers | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
Top tips for painting your kitchen cupboards:
  • Empty cupboards completely and clean all surfaces to be painted.

  • Sand the surface first to give the paint something to grip.

  • Wipe down all surfaces following sanding to remove dust and dirt.

  • Use a primer or base coat before the top coat of paint.

  • Lightly sand once again.

  • Apply at least two coats of paint with a roller to cover, allowing to dry between coats.

  • Check manufacturer’s instructions on side of tin for best results.

*Top tip: If removing cupboards to repaint them, number each panel and keep in order as you work to ensure they rehang properly. Save hardware in a container or plastic bag as you remove them.